The Beautification of Bermondsey: ‘Fresh air and fun’

Such an amazing couple who did so much good for the area. I wonder how they would view their legacy today.

Municipal Dreams

Excuse me if I begin my blog this week with a lengthy quote. It’s just that it seems to me to convey something simple and powerful about the drive and vision of a group of people who dreamed of nothing less than transforming a slum into a garden city.

If elected it will be our main aim to make Bermondsey a fit place to live in. We shall do everything we can to promote health, to lower the death rate, and to increase the well-being and comfort of the 120,000 people who live here.Labour mag headingWe will not allow our district to continue to be a by-word among the Boroughs and to be vilified by the Daily Press as a horrible, evil-smelling, slum-ridden and unlovely place. We will do what is possible to cleanse, repair, rebuild and beautify it, and to make it a city of which all citizens can be…

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the dark side of seo

The first of 3 great posts about the recent Google Penguin 2.0 update. This article sheds some light of the reasoning behind the update and what it was intended to achieve.

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In the past, people could post just about any type of blog posts or articles they wanted and get ranked in Google. Getting to the first page of Google was also much easier and took much less work. Now, with Penguin 2.0 things have changed and SEO has gone to the dark side. This is especially true of Google’s latest Penguin update on May 22, which is fighting against web spam. The update has already affected almost 3 percent of websites.

The Biggest Losers of the Penguin Update

Websites that use a large amount of inbound links on their websites stand to lose the most. Most of these websites include gaming, blog, business, and pornography sites. These sites tend to use many low-quality inbound links to get a good ranking in Google. They will soon find out these practices will no longer work for them.

Article Spam

Many websites use…

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